The iWise Smartphone/watch!

The iWise Smartphone/watch!

As most of you know, I have devoted the remainder of my days on this planet to promote what I call iWise Living. This means using the internet in ways that are helpful, not harmful.
Because of my experiences as a school-based therapist, I began doing research and now share what I find through presentations to organizations and individuals. I am often contacted by grandparents and parents who want to give children phones for safety reasons but also want to protect them from the risks that can be found online. GABB has created devices to answer this need, so I have joined with them as an affiliate to encourage grand/parents to make smart choices for smart devices. By entering the code: IWISE you get discounts and I earn a few dollars to support my mission. If you have young ones wanting a phone or smartwatch this holiday season, do your research and consider GABB. It’s a win/win/win! (How often do we get that! 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about why this is SO important! Our kids are counting on us to be iWise!


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