Cheryl Mahoney has a master’s degree in health promotion, a bachelor’s in human development, and an associate in Mental Health Technology. She is a Licensed Social Worker and therapist and holds specialist certifications in Prevention, Health Education, Digital Wellness, Gaming Addiction, and Employee Assistance programming. She is currently working on her doctorate in Prevention Science with a focus on internet use disorders.

Her experiences with youth and families, as well as being a parent herself, led Cheryl to create iWise, LLC as a vehicle to promote the healthy use of electronic screens. For the past decade, she has been speaking to youth, parents, and professionals teaching the four principles of iWise Living: “Be Aware. Protect. Prepare. Respond.”

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Cheryl has more than 30 years of experience working with youth and families in mental health and wellness promotion. As a school-based therapist and mother of a teenager, Cheryl is acutely aware of our youth’s cyber-culture, their dependence upon screens, and the overwhelming potential for harm. Because of her experiences and concern that “someone must do something!” Cheryl began iWise as a resource for individuals, families, and communities to assist them in assessing screen use and promoting healthier use models.

•Presentations & Professional Workshops

It is imperative for every parent and professional to Be Aware of the potential harms of using internet-connected electronic screens and learn the skills necessary to Protect, Prepare, and Respond to increase online safety and digital wellness and decrease potential negative outcomes.

Cheryl will present in-person or online crafting each presentation to address the needs of your group. Choose from a 60-minute presentation, a 90-minute training, a 3-hour workshop, a 6-hour training or we’ll design something to fit into your schedule!

•Past Presentations

Vandalia-Butler City Schools
Worthington, Ohio Schools: CARES Coalition
Montgomery County ADAMHS Board
St. Luke’s School
Hillside Chapel
Ohio State University Extension
Montgomery County Prevention Coalition
Richard Allen School
Ohio Prevention Education Conference
Prevention First Academy
OPEC Miami University
SW Ohio Gambling Conference
Oakwood Moms Group
Fairmont High School
Kettering Middle School
Ohio State Problem Gambling Conference
Montgomery County ESC
Montgomery County Family & Children First
Sinclair Community College
Dayton Children’s Hospital
Montgomery County Children’s Services
Greene County ESC
Centerville High School
Miami Valley Counseling Association
Incarnation Schools
Montgomery County School Counselors
and more….

Because children are looking to us for guidance, we owe it to them to be iWise.

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Promoting the wise use of internet-connected electronic screens.